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Mastering prices updated 23. August 2017
Dollar and Pound prices are dated August 2017. Feel free to use the current conversion rate from Euro.

Stone Creek and Night Sail 04. December 2015
Two tracks from Santorin's Ambassadors 5 compilation: "Stone Creek" is a dreamlike and concrete rocker written with Telmo A. MC Fava sings on "Night Sail", accompanied by a bittersweet riff, floating pads and a waterfall sub. Listen here.

Klangstabil - Isabella's Hochzeit (Simon V Remix) 20. February 2015
Today is my birthday and you get a present: A deep & wide remix of a classic Klangstabil track of the groundbreaking "Straftat gegen das Leben" album from 1997. Download the free MP3 here.

Mobile Music 26. August 2014
Listening to music on the go? The website is ready now for your mobile device with direct audio playback.

35 and still alive 20. February 2014
Today is a special day and I would like to say thank you to all my friends, customers and fans for believing in me!

Links for you 13. December 2013
The links are an export of my personal browser bookmarks - including my daily favourites, music tutorials, health and random interests.

Dubstep Mastering Example 24. May 2013
Listen and download a new Dubstep before/after example on my mastering services page.

Future Music Studio 23. March 2013
After more than 10 years with the same setup I decided to go with the future: Minimalizing the studio while improving the quality. Speakers from Neumannn, audio interface from RME and more.

Switch to renewable energy 15. March 2011
The simonv.com webserver and Simon V Home Studios are running on 100% renewable energy now.

New tune preview 24. August 2010
Summer is wonderful - wrote a new tune called "Looking for a good time" with easy drums, floating pads and vocal delights.

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